The look may be similar but JWS have managed to pack in almost 50% more raw lumens on high beam (2610 raw lumens) and the low beam (1770 raw lumens) now being as powerful as the original Evo high beam! High beam has had more comfort light added to increase the size of the beam pattern.

To help put this into perspective the Trucklite units such as those sold by Britpart as part DA6280K are 1300 raw lumens so the Evo 2 gives double the light output compared to the Trucklite and is completly road legal.

Operating voltage range has been expanded from 11.4 – 32V DC to a massive 9 – 32V DC range so even those vehicles with old wiring where you may have a 50% reduction in performance on a halogen unit because of voltage drop you have full power with the new JWS Evo 2 lamp

All these improvements come with a lower price and a marginal increase in current consumption combined with the benchmark limited lifetime warranty.

The price is for 2 lights (1 pair), The light unit is Plug and play and is just a straight swap for the old unit.

N.B. – When you receive these lamps, they say the following because this is how they word in the USA

RHT – Right hand traffic – This is actually Left Hand Drive

LHT – Left hand traffic – This is actually Right Hand Drive