Camping made simple, easy and comfortable.

The tent automatically opens in less than 5 seconds due to the two Alkos toggle jacks, assembled on kneecaps operating link arms and are protected by a canvas cover. The closing of the tent involves one person and can be down within less than 15 seconds. There is a rubber band built into the canvas to keep it held back whilst the hard shell is closing.

The canvas comes in dark grey which has 6 aluminised coats that reflect the sun’s rays, it is UV resistant, 100% waterproof and allows the air to circulate. Each seam is doubled which means they are 100% watertight.

Ideally, the Discovery Extreme Evolution tent comes supplied with a high density mattress which has its own heavy duty zipped cover. On the inside of tent, there are two storage pockets on the sides (these are removable) and one storage net on the ceiling (this is not removable).


  • Stainless steel bolts all-round
  • Hard shall manufactured from fibreglass fortified polyester, the bottom hard shell has planned spaces to hold the aluminium ladder
  • This ergonomic ladder is sliding in order to fit to the size of the vehicle and is shipped with a storage cover.
  • 2 entry vents equipped with dust filters improve the air circulation inside the tent.
  • The top hard shell, also made of fiberglass fortified polyester is kit out with a spoiler in order to improve the penetration in the air.
  • The closing of the hard shell is performed by 2 made-to-measure anchor points that fit onto a guaranteed locking system
  • Luggage Rack:
  • The luggage racks are set in a rectangle space moulded in the top hard shell and are fastened with straps secured by 6 points of anchoring.
  • You can operate the hard shell even with 55 lb load inside the luggage rack.