This British-made reproduction crossmember is an exact replica of the original 1948-1953 item.

It's made from 3mm steel and comes with both types of body tags - the early and late ones - so you can finish off the crossmember perfectly, rather than having to make do with something that isn't quite right.

It also comes with the angle brackets running back to the chassis legs - often rusted through - so you can return your Land Rover to the condition in which it left the factory.

The crossmember is faithfully reproduced on the inside too - even though you won't see this - as owners may want to plough or run PTO-powered machinery with the Land Rover.

As with the original, the crossmember features BSF fittings and has welded-on hinge points for the tailgate.

Neil says: 'If you want to get it to look right, you've got to use the right parts!'