Keep that noise at bay with this full Land Rover Soundproofing Kit.

Sometimes, the noise our Land Rovers make can turn us into homicidal maniacs. 'Make it stop' screams through your head faster than that charasmatic gearbox whine. However, there is a solution - with this full sunproofing kit, which covers: 

  • Bonnet Lid (NoiseKiller Vibrasorb)
  • Interior Bulkhead (NoiseKiller Adhesive Sound Barrier)
  • Bell Housing (NoiseKiller Adhesive Sound Barrier)
  • Transmission Tunnel (NoiseKiller Adhesive Sound Barrier)
  • Front Floors (NoiseKiller Sound Barrier)
  • Seat Box Front and Sides (NoiseKiller Adhesive Sound Barrier)
  • Under Seats (NoiseKiller Sound Barrier)
  • Rear Wheel Arches (NoiseKiller Adhesive Sound Barrier)
  • Rear Floor/Load Space (NoiseKiller Sound Barrier)
  • Door Pads (NoiseKiller Barrier Mat)

As you will quickly find, this soundproofing kit can make live with your Land Rover much easier. It can't help with that strange rattle under the front wing, though...

Price: £275-£475

From: NK Group