RRP: £40.00-160.00

If you don't quite fancy the prospect of icicles hanging from the roof in cold weather or if that rattle over the aluminium roofing is doing your head in - here is the product to help! 

If you are not fitting a head liner afterwards, then the 25mm egg box profile foam is the ideal selection. NoiseKiller Egg Box, which is profiled open cell acoustic foam, can be used on the Roof Panels between the struts to absorb airborne sounds. NoiseKiller Egg Box also reduces condensation and provides excellent Thermal Insulation as well as giving it a real professional look finish!

Your roof sections are designed to fit inside the struts on the roof area. If you don’t have struts or have an Ex MOD type roof please let NK Group know, they won't see you stuck without soundproofing! .

From: NK Group 



RRP £78.00