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The MANBO Roof Bar is a design collaboration between MANTEC & BOAB. Designed and Manufactured in the UK, hence MANBO!

Specifically designed for BOAB's range of AUTOHOME roof tents, OZTENT FOXWING awnings and OZTENT transport basket as well as a host of other accessories

Weighing in at just over 4kg, the MANBO's are laser cut then folded into shape and overlap welded to give incredible added strength. They're then given MANTECs Land Rover approved Three Stage Powder Coating to add durability and good looks to this lightweight yet incredibly strong roof bar.

As a one piece bar there are no fiddely bits and pieces to bolt, clamp or screw together in the correct places or lengths to adjust, it's ready to drop over the vehicle and clamp down!

Hole spacings along the wide smooth top mounting surface is specific to BOAB's OZTENT/ MANBO accessories and AUTOHOME roof tents making fitting easier, quicker and safer using their M8 Mounting Bolts & Nyloc Nuts.

The MANBO will accept small, medium & large roof tents which can be placed centrally or off-set slightly to the near or off side of the vehicle allowing space for camping or sporting goods or a FOXWING Awning.

Additional holes in the top of the bar (at each end) can be used for CB antennas, awning lights, lashing eyes etc - or the standard FOXWING brackets will mount directly into them!

The two holes in the vertical mounting feet are also specifically spaced to mount the FOXWING awning directly to them via its strong aluminium back plate. Once in place on these mounting holes it's almost impossible to remove the FOXWING without removing the MANBO Roof Bars first, this in itself is also extremely difficult for a passing 'would be thief' as they can be installed with the Triangle Head Tamper Proof Bolts.

The MANBO OZTENT Basket will also bolt directly to the MANBO Bars for a safe, secure great looking way to transport your OZTENT.

MANBO Bars are supplied with 2No - M8 x 20mm Allen Head Clamp Bolts.

From: BOAB



RRP £117.00