The big problem with a workbench? If you’re not careful, it’s soon full of clutter. Then, when you want to use it as a workbench, you have to clear everything away before starting work. And then, you can never find the stuff you cleared away…


You need a trolley with shelves. Half-finished jobs are cleared off the workbench on to the trolley, which is then pushed into a trolley-sized gap so it’s not in my way.

Illustrated is Machine Mart’s Engine Repair table (£204), complete with drainage for liquids. It also sells a Utility Trolley at £150. Still too expensive? You can’t grumble at the Three Tier Service Trolley, only £60. Or if you’re really mean, some folded sheet-steel and box-section steel will easily weld up into a DIY version (and Machine Mart even has wheels for it).

My small tool chest lives on the trolley: if I need a lot of tools for one job, I just pull the trolley to the Land Rover. It’s also somewhere to put the all the bits you’ve taken off.

Verdict: A boon to de-cluttering.

Price when tested: Various
From: Machine Mart