RRP: ££202.80–£238.80

Everything these days claims to be made from the finest of materials. Luxury cat food for one, those horrendous eyelashes you can get for your car is another. But here we genuinely have a steering wheel crafted from the best materials money can buy.

You want leather? You got it. You want carbon and aluminium? You got that too. You want a unique design and style that will add so much class to your cabin that your Land Rover Defender will implode? Oh boy, have you got it. 

The sculpted grip section offers that fantastically distinctive MOMO driving sensation, with the ideal mix of sensitivity and comfort to provide the ideal driving experience. 

Oh, and just for the hell of it, this Momo Jet 350mm steering wheel also features air-leather side grips for improved clasp - that's alongside the real carbon fibre centre ring and grip inserts. This has more science to it than your actual Defender does. It's even finished off with a MOMO Italy horn push.

For Land Rover Defender 90/110

From: TMD Tuning