That spare wheel sitting on the back of the Land Rover is often wasted storage space. Some store recovery gear in it and you sometimes see a high-lift jack living there – but that big chunk of space often just sits there doing nothing. 
Camp Cover of South Africa makes a simple, water-resistant equipment bag that fits over the wheel, and gives something like 70 litres of extra storage room. 
The company suggests using it as a waste bin, but to my mind that’s selling it short – I use mine for a barbecue, charcoal, gloves, firelighters, firewood and other smelly, dirty stuff I don’t want inside. The bonus is that it folds up and stashes away next to nothing. 
It’s strongly made and feels it too – with tough zips and heavy-duty material. With Velcro extension sections and nylon webbing, it’s a very handy addition to an overlander’s equipment roster.