Keeping stuff secure in the back of your Land Rover is always a struggle. Every bump and undulation you hit sends the gear bouncing round the vehicle.

Elasticated cargo nets work well if you have large and bulky items to secure, but can struggle with just a single box. And that’s where these lashing tighteners work best.

Designed to work with rope between 2mm and 5mm in diameter (most paracord falls within that size) the sprung hook of each CamJam has a rotating cam action that grips the rope tight. To use, you clip the hook on suitable points, pull the excess rope through and the cam locks the rope securely.

They’re designed for light-duty use, but they’re far stronger than they look and hold items well.

Verdict: Handy tie-downs for lighter-weight items.

From: Niteize



RRP £117.00