RRP: £269

The OZPIG has been tried and tested for many years now and is imported from Australia.

This really is a great product and allows you to cook a multitude of foods on one stove.

The OZPIG is supplied with the following items.

1 x Ozpig Steel cooker body, 5 x Chimney Sections, 1 x Multi Purpose tool, 1 x Grill Plate, 1 x Warming Plate, 1 x Vinyl Carry Bag, 4 x Zinc Coated Legs.

This Model is also supplied with a vented door so that heat can be controlled a lot easier.

Please note in Australia they do not BBQ the same way as in the UK, they use the grill plate to cook with which does not allow flames to touch the meat, if you want to BBQ the traditional way you will need to purchase the Char Grill plate & drip tray.

You can cook meat, fish vegetables, pizza, you can boil water if you put a kettle on top, it can be used as a fire pit after cooking has finished. The possibilities are endless.

You can burn either solid wood or charcoal.

Weight: 17 kg

Dimensions: 41.5 cm × 36.5 cm × 41 cm