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Safe, infinitely controllable pulling, holding and lowering out with the Goodwinch Portable Petrol Twin Capstan winch. Variable speed from hold, through creep to full speed of approx. 25 metres per minute.

Ideal for pulling cables through ducts, raising portable buildings, clearing the debris from rivers, lakes and canals, forestry work, general rope rescue work, oil pollution boom handling and Steeple Jack operations etc.

Work from either side or run two ropes together to halve the load. High quality engineering and design. Reliable, easy to start Honda 5.5 HP (4 kw) engine with a centrifugal gearbox driving the main capstan gearbox and aluminium bollards through a flexible coupling. Aluminium frame, two man lift, removable handles for easy stowage.

As used extensively by the Construction Industry.

From: Goodwinch