RRP: £1050.00 (per pair)

The Premium Puma Defender front replacement seat from Exmoor Trim is supplied complete with runners and all fixings. This is a direct replacement seats for the original front seating used from 2013 as an option all Defenders. The seat base is removable with reclining seat backs and smooth sliding runners. Available in all original trims (XS Black Rack, Black Leather, Black and Pimento Leather, Black and Tan Leather, Black and Lunar Leather) we are also offering in the XS Vinyl with twin white stitch, Diamond XS vinyl and Diamond XS Leather popular aftermarket options.

Our Premium Puma seat Leather options are trimmed in 100% high quality Leather to match any original interior. We only use good quality Automotive grade leather for our interiors that wears well. With well padded centre panels and Black twin stitch and black stitch borders

All are supplied with the Exmoor heaters and wiring loom/switches.

These seats are available as a pair.

From: Exmoor Trim