RRP: £85.00

It's said that you never really grow up - your toys just get bigger. That's definitely the case with phones and tablets. I'd previously used cheap windscreen mounts to hold my GPS tablet, with the inevitable 'thunk' twice a trip as it lost suction and crashed into the footwell.

The RAM Mount is a modular system, allowing you to buy the parts you need, so the medium claw (£37.40), medium arm (£14.30) and tablet holder (7 in, £33.30) secured my Hudl to the grab handle in the Defender Celebration editions on our greenlaning run.

I've also riveted panel-mount adaptors (£8.20 each) to the LRO 90 and my Series IIA, so I can use the arm and holder in these too.

It holds the tablet tight, copes with bumps and jolts (and my 200Tdi Series IIA's vibration at idle), and the tablet hasn't crashed into the footwell since.

Verdict: Sturdy tablet support

Tested by: Neil Watterson, Deputy Editor

Tested for: Five months

From: Mudstuff