RRP: £232.50-276.00

Opens as one with the rear door. No pins, levers, no swinging wheels on carriers, no load on the rear door.

Just open the door by the handle as usual and the door and wheel swing away effortlessly together.

Available with or without built-in Hi-Lift Jack carrier for CSW’s and Hard Tops. Truck Cab model available which opens independently of the drop down tailgate.

All moving joints have grease nipples. 

Available for:
Land Rover 90, 110 and pickups. 

New Rear Wheel Carriers Available for 120 PCD style wheels:
155 PCD - All Defender, Discovery 1 & Range Rover Classic wheels.
120 PCD - For vehicles fitted with Discovery 2, P38 and similar style wheels.

From: Extreme 4x4