How to get your tools to do the job you want to do? A whole toolbox takes up too much space. The lift-out top tray from a toolbox always needs de-junking first. Grab a handful of tools – and you can bet the one you need is still in the chest.
Take sockets: all that rolling about can be a pain. You can keep them on a spring-clip bar, but it’s always a faff to get them on and off. So, I picked up these. You get three in a pack: 18, 12, and eight inches long. 
The idea is that you screw them to your workshop wall (screws are supplied). But I don’t use them that way. I’ve stuck all my BSF sockets on one bar, and all my metric sockets on another (except for the really huge ones), and each bar sits in the relevant drawer of my tool chest. 
So, when I want BSF sockets, I just pick out the BSF socket bar, with the sockets attached magnetically. It’s easy to pull a socket off and to ‘stick’ one on again – no loose sockets rolling around everywhere. 
I’m going to buy another set.

Verdict: Great solution – I love it.
From: Machine Mart