Sturgess Land Rover had the idea for these self-adhesive paint protectors after noticing the paintwork on the sills of Disco 3s and D4s scuffing quickly.

I'm not great at applying stickers over a mist of water (always too little, or too much H2O), so I stuck the smaller rear rear door ones on first - in hindsight, the trickier pair. With multiple curves to grapple with I ended up with some bubbles under the plastic that wouldn't squeegee out with the spreader, and found the DISCOVERY wording a bit too bold against Zermatt Silver. I left the front pair off.

But they've certainly proved hard-wearing, resisting muddy feet and hurled luggage to look as good today as when I fitted them more than six months ago.

Verdict - They do a great job, but I'd prefer clear versions.

Used by: Mike Goodbun

Tested for: Seven months

From: Sturgess Group