When I bought my first socket set, I went for 1/2-inch drive. It was big and chunky - and ideal for working on my Land Rover. But these days I prefer using a bit of finesse and so I've downsized to a 3/8-inch drive for all but the most stubborn nuts and bolts.

This set contains sockets from 7-22mm. I think I've used all but the 22mm - the 7mm is just the job for undoing stubborn hose clips you'll otherwise damage with a screwdriver. With six faces gripping the nut and bolt sides and a satin finish making them easy to handle, even with oily hands/gloves, they've continued to offer great service - and being slightly smaller than the 1/2-inch drive sockets, they can get into tighter places.

Used by: Neil Watterson

Tested for: Four years

From: Screwfix