Tentsile Tree Tents were conceived as treehouses that you can take anywhere. Separated from wet, lumpy, bumpy, uneven ground and with increased protection from snakes, bugs and other creepies, their range offers the opportunity to camp in places no one has ever camped before. 

This two person Tentsile tree tent offers you and a partner a completely new way to connect to the outdoors. This tree tent is a truly awesome piece of equipment for any adventurous camper. It can be suspended between three trees or other large anchors, such as columns, trucks or boulders.

It features a full insect mesh top with four doors and a removable flysheet for unbeatable views. The rain fly can be pegged outwards to the ground, creating a large 120ft² / 9m² covered porch area to become a multi-story camping base. The fly sheet flaps can also be folded underneath the tent and hooked to each other, creating a second windbreak and an eight centimetre thermal buffer.