Land Rover Defender handbrakes can suffer with accumulated mud, preventing the shoes from gripping the drum effectively - leaving you to witness your pride and joy dissapearing off the edge of a multistory car park or faceplant the base of a cliff as you get out to open that gate. 

After a heavy off-roading session, mud can also act like sandpaper in mud form, grinding the shoes down and damaging the discs. However, help is at hand.

This disc brake conversion from Terrafirma allows the mud and grime to slide clean off, using - quoting the manufacturer - 'advanced fully-sealed calipers with supreme clamping force and anti-rattle design'. 

This Defender Disc Handbrake Kit is supplied with long-life, high-friction brake pads and a new cable. The Disc is smaller than the original brake drum, meaning that ground clearance is not affected. 

'However, while better in almost every way, it still doesn't mean you can handbrake turn your Defender. Unless you want to be credited as a total moron hell-bent on runing your Land Rover and killing everyone involved.' - Calum