I've fitted these tyres to the LRO Discovery 1. With a good all-terrain tread pattern, they're the sort you'd buy for both good on-road performance and off-road competence.

Under heavy braking it's virtually impossible to lock them up in the dry, even though our Discovery has uprated discs and no ABS. they also seemed safe enough in the snow (although I didn't try to find their limits of grip). In short, I've never lost traction with them on the road.

But where they feel most at home is on slightly soft or loose ground. Off-road at the sandy Yarwell quarry and at stony Rockingham, I've been impressed by these tyres' ability to haul themselves up steep inclines at slow speed without spinning the wheels (there's no traction control on our Disco), even when experimenting by deliberately going too slowly and relying on torque, rather than momentum, to complete the climb.

Charging around the MoD training area at Swynnerton recently proved that they'll also tackle rough conditions at slightly higher speeds, where your focus is more on the event than on what your tyres are doing. It's a site where debris - such as discarded bullet casings - can cause tyre problems, but these shrugged them off.

They look smart too and, like many tyres, you can choose whether to have the white lettering showing, or hidden on the inside sidewall.

Verdict: Ideal for most multi-purpose Land Rovers.

From: Toyo