In response to customer demand, British manufacturer Lazer Lamps has released a genuine game-changer to the world of aftermarket lighting. The company’s latest Triple-R 1000 light now comes with unique ‘E-Boost’ technology, which allows the lamp unit to effectively be two units in one shapely package.

By the simple removal of the patent-pending E-Boost cap, the lamp can be effectively switched to a fully road legal and ECE-approved driving light, running at 60% of its lighting capacity and switchable by the car’s main-beam dip switch. Add the E-Boost cap back in however, and the lamp unit becomes an incredibly bright and effective motorsport quality lamp, which offers crystal clear clarity and natural white light to ensure safe and effective night-time driving.

In ECE approved mode, the set up offers over 900 metres of clear, visible light, with 1 Lux of lighting power available up to 450 metres of that area. Quite some achievement in itself! In unrestricted trim however, things move up a notch or two; 1.2 KILOMETRES of lighting power, with 1 Lux now available at 600 metres. This is the same kind of performance usually only enjoyed by Lazer Lamps factory-supported motorsport teams, which include the likes of Aston Martin, Bentley and Ford’s M-Sport division.

The thinking behind this lighting option is to satisfy enthusiasts that need a dual-purpose lamp for motorsport, leisure or professional use. For road-rallying, these lights are an essential. For responsible off-roading they allow the driver to arrive at the venue in fully road legal trim, before switching in an instant to much greater power. Being fully legal in every EU country means that these units are also proving to be understandably popular in both defence and rescue applications, too.

From: Lazer Lamps