That free-revving engine noise developing an urge to kill? These Engine Blankets designed for reducing vehicle engine noise can save you going to prison.

Lead doesn't just stop commonplace handgun bullets, it can also stop Land Rover engine noise - which we can all agree is much, much more powerful than any pistol. 

A sheet of blocking Lead, sandwiched inside two layers of class "O" fire rated acoustic foam, covered with a high heat resistant Fortaglas fabric can help reduce noise levels to car like quality. 

The lead blocks the engine sound and the foam absorbs the airborne sounds. Simples! 

'The blankets help to suppress the "clatter" from the diesel engine and stop it from entering the cab area. Waterproof, Fireproof, Oil and Grease resistant, Bound and sealed edges, Brass eyelets for easy fixing.'  

NK Group stock three standard sizes that generally cover all engines as engines can often greatly differ in size. (Small 500x500mm, Medium 750×500 and Large 925×500). However we can manufacture any custom designed engine blanket if you prefer, which can also include cut outs, slots etc

Small Blankets are normally for Motorhome Engines and Transverse Car Engines

Medium Blankets are normally for In-Line Car Engines

Large Blankets are normally for all Land Rover Engines (Puma/TD4 type blankets  include an essential cut out at the back)

Price: £55-£95

From: NK Group