Land Rover Owner International magazine, August 2021 issue

TECH-PACKED DEFENDER! Awesome air-sprung, BMW-powered Defender 90

Cover of the August 2021 issue of Land Rover Owner magazine


Our cover star this month is a unique, air-spring Defender 90 powered by a straight-six BMW diesel engine that’s throwing out 350bhp! The interior’s beautiful too. To call it impressive would be a huge understatement…

We also put the new Plug-In Hybrid Range Rover Evoque through its paces on the LRO300 Real World Test route, and reveal a huge mix of stories from workshops to deserts – not to mention our detailed how-to guides.

In the August 2021 issue of LRO, you’ll find…

The story of the 27-year ownership of a well-preserved VM diesel Range Rover Classic

LRO Adventure Trail Part 6 – greenlaning in the valleys of southern Wales

Ragtop 88in V8 Series I… and this one’s no battered old trialler

How to install Adblue to make a TDCi Defender EU6 compliant

Defender heater box issues – how to rebuild and sort them out for good

Sam Watson discovers the deserts of the UAE with a lone Discovery 1

How a Discovery 2 was modified into a crane platform – a big proper one!

Columns from writers Vicky Turner, Sam Watson and Mike Gould

James Taylor reveals 1970s Crew Cabs and ex-Met Police Range Rover Classic van

Everything you need to know about replacing suspension bushes

Your technical queries answered by our panel of Land Rover experts

How to apply a ceramic coating to protect you paint

Defender 110 hearse business

Readers’ photos and tales of lockdown tinkering

Our Land Rover tales, from Carawagon camping to a Land Rover Experience day

Land Rover news – including what’s in store for LRO Show goers!

Latest club happenings, plus events for your diary

Loads of Land Rovers for sale, and specialist business listings

Up-to-date valuations for Land Rovers of all ages, in the LRO Price Guide

Neil Wattersonon Land Rover Legends and off-road motorsport antics, in Watty’s World

… and loads more!

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Air-sprung 90

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