Martin’s 300Tdi Discovery

1997 Land Rover Discovery 300Tdi

I bought my Discovery in 2016, to replace the Defender 110 I sold to raise money for a house deposit. Much as I miss the 110, I’m certainly enjoying the comfort and relative refinement the rounder vehicle offers.

This Avalon Blue example was a bit of a rushed buy – I needed transport to replace the Defender and I’d already viewed plenty of D1s that fell short of the standard of vehicle I was after. That said, the car actually had far more rust than I first thought when I handed over the cash for it.

Seller had owned it for 14 years, and it was completely unmolested. Because of this, my initial plan was to throw a set of all-terrains on it and leave it standard, but that plan didn’t last long.

I grew tired of the faded plastic end caps coming loose from the original bumper, so the first mod was an all-steel replacement from First Four Off Road.

Taking care of putting the EDC-equipped 300Tdi’s power to the ground are a set of Yokohama Geolandar G015 all-terrain tyres – they’re certainly getting a good work out on- and off-road.

As this is my daily drive, expect to see loads of updates in the magazine.