Martin’s V8 Discovery

1993 Land Rover Discovery 3.5 V8

This 200-series Disco is my latest purchase, bought just last month. It’s a totally standard, and that’s exactly how it’ll stay. I’ve proclaimed that before and been lead astray by shiny bolt-ons, but I really do mean it this time.

It’s a 3.5-litre V8, with the Lucas ‘hotwire’ EFi system. It’s also an automatic – 1993 was the first year the autobox became an option on Discoverys. It’s got smart factory touches, like the headrest cushions and removable branded carpet mats in that love-it-or-hate-it Conran blue.

The bodywork, while straight, does need some paint sorting out. The roof is almost entirely devoid of lacquer – when time and funds allow, the windscreen and alpine lights will be coming out for the panel to be sprayed, then they’ll go back in with new seals.

Sills and door shuts need only minimal welding, and then the chassis and body will be thoroughly rustproofed. I’ll probably keep the black Disco in storage when it’s all done, and bring it out for the odd show or drive to the coast. Much as I’d love to use it more, the lusty V8 and my bank balance just don’t see eye to eye.