Neil’s Defender 110

1998 300Tdi Land Rover Defender 110 County Station Wagon

Everyone should drive a Defender 110 station wagon at some point in their life. Okay, others may be better in certain respects now, but a 110 station wagon does look right wherever it is – and it’s why I own one.

It’s a very late 300Tdi. I bought it in 2002, re-mortgaging my house to pay for it. Over the years I’ve improved bits of it, but I haven’t gone silly; and everything that has been done can be undone.

It was all-but standard when I bought it and the engine and gearbox still are. I’ve fitted KAM HD rear halfshafts and Paddocks HD drive flanges as the splines were wearing too quickly on standard items. It has Fox dampers all round, valved to match the springs and I use standard hard top rear springs, rather than station wagon items to reduce bottoming out.

Centre-row seats have all been upgraded and I’ve removed the rearmost seats: most insurers won’t insure 12-seaters these days. A Mantec raised air intake keeps the air filter dry and Samco Sport silicone hoses keep all the boosts in check.

I had it Waxoyled when I first bought it, topping it up occasionally, but the rear crossmember is starting to get a bit ropey. It’s rotting where the water thrown up by the rear wheels collects – I’ve fitted some of the Gwyn Lewis mud shields now, but I should have done it years ago.

The paintwork is really starting to fail now, the second-row doors are in dire need of replacement and the bodywork has more than a few greenlaning scars, but it still looks good. I think it’s well overdue some TLC.

Vital stats

  • 1998 Land Rover Defender 110 County Station Wagon
  • 2495cc 300Tdi
  • Five-speed/two-speed transfer box
  • Seven seats

Upgrades and modifications